To thwart tomorrow

Back to School

After returning from the mine to the manor house of the Gray Cloaks, the party debriefed the organization on their adventures. No real interest was shown until mention was made of the demon that the party defeated.

The party rested and resupplied in the stores surrounding the manor house. The party of two that the core party met, Honor Ravenreaper and Thundarr, explored the area. Though welcome at the manor, Thundarr made camp outside the manor in the forest, preferring to alone with nature than with other human beings. The Gray Cloaks kept a closer eye on Honor as she explored possible…business…opportunities.

Meanwhile, Talon Serenity spent time in the library seeking out clues to the location of the parts of the Silver Dragon Regalia [[:Silver Dragon Regalia]]

One day, the wizard Essler received a message from his old school of magic, White Lotus. Essler was being invited to give a lecture at the school. He sent back word that he agreed and then approached his companions to accompany him. Both Talon and Alec agreed. Honor demurred and remained behind.

Meanwhile, Thundarr was approached by a dwarven shaman, Asad Odero, who claimed to have had a vision that he would accompany the party on a dangerous quest. “I have seen me walkin’ de pat’ wit’ dose companions of yours, mon.” When Essler approached Thundarr, Thundarr chose to remain behind, sending Asad in his place.

At the school, Essler and his companions were greeted as honored guests. They were given the opportunity to rest and relax before being shown around the grounds. Essler was given the opportunity to judge a practice duel of wizardry. As the duel began, however, practice dummies around the grounds came to life and attacked the party. The party, caught flat-footed in little or no armor and with few weapons, fought valiantly, finally defeating the dummies.

Investigating why the statues came to life, the party was told that a book detailing the spell used to keep the practice dummies from being destroyed by magic was in the school library. The party returned to their quarters and donned armor and weapons and headed to the library.

In the library, the party was trapped when a door in the library slammed shut behind them. Spirits in the library attacked. The combat was hard, but the spirits were defeated. One of the spirits dropped a book when it was vanquished.



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