To thwart tomorrow

Owlbear Panic

(“Treed” from Dragon 177)

On their way back from the school of magic, the party split up. Talon Serenity had business to complete and headed northward. Asad Odero, the dwarven shaman, decided he’d had enough of the company of the living for a while and headed southward. The three remaining members, Essler the wizard, Armun the cleric, and Alec Starblood the fighter, continued back toward the Greycloak headquarters.

After traveling for a couple of days, the three party members entered the village of Havermere. They saw a commotion at the Dizzy Monk pub and headed inside to see the cause.

They found a pair of wounded adventurers, Sarag, a paladin longtooth shifter, and Aelar, a silent elvish monk. Tending to their wounds was Luthan, a Graythicket elf whose tribe had been driven away by a mysterious creature like none they had seen before. Armun healed the two wounded adventurers and the party agreed to help drive away the creature that the Graythickets had named an “owlbear.”

Approaching the area where the Luthan directed them to find the owlbear, the party met a gnome named Orva. Orva had been trapped in a tree at the edge of a blasted and barren area patrolled by the owlbear. Orva had accidentally passed through a portal and been chased into the tree by the owlbear. She begged for the party’s help.

The party encountered the owlbear and a fierce fight began. Soon after the fight began, a group of bird-like kenku leading a cockatrice attacked both the owlbear and the party. Essler was able to scatter the kenku, but the cockatrice pulled free and attacked Essler, biting him and petrifying him.

The party was able to defeat the owlbear and the cockatrice, but at the apparent cost of Essler’s life. Fortunately, the paladin Sarag had heard of a recipe for a poultice that could be used to restore petrified characters if administered soon enough. The party dragged Essler’s stoned form back to town to make up the poultice. Their efforts were ultimately successful and Essler was restored.

The party could resume its journey to the Graycloak headquarters.



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