Talon Serenity

Talon is a quiet dragonborn, calm, rational, mature, emotionless, passionless, and hard to provoke...up to a point. When it is apparent that battle is about to be joined, a wild gleam appears in his eyes. His enjoyment of the coming battle becomes obvious


====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ====== Talon Serenity, level 6 Dragonborn, Fighter Build: Battlerager Fighter Fighter Talents: Battlerager Vigor Dragon Breath Key Ability: Dragon Breath Strength Dragon Breath Damage Type: Dragon Breath Lightning Background: Society – Noble, Dragonborn – Dishonored, Occupation – Military

FINAL ABILITY SCORES Str 20, Con 17, Dex 10, Int 10, Wis 11, Cha 10.

STARTING ABILITY SCORES Str 16, Con 15, Dex 13, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 9.

AC: 20 Fort: 20 Reflex: 15 Will: 15 HP: 61 Surges: 12 Surge Value: 18

TRAINED SKILLS Intimidate +10, Endurance +10, Athletics +11

UNTRAINED SKILLS Acrobatics +3, Arcana +3, Bluff +3, Diplomacy +3, Dungeoneering +4, Heal +4, History +5, Insight +4, Nature +4, Perception +4, Religion +3, Stealth +3, Streetwise +3, Thievery +3

FEATS Level 1: Bloodied Invigoration Level 2: Weapon Proficiency (Execution axe) Level 4: Weapon Focus (Axe) Level 6: Improved Vigor

POWERS Fighter at-will 1: Crushing Surge Fighter at-will 1: Brash Strike Fighter encounter 1: Passing Attack Fighter daily 1: Brute Strike Fighter utility 2: Boundless Endurance Fighter encounter 3: Sweeping Blow Fighter daily 5: Crack the Shell Fighter utility 6: Daring Shot

ITEMS Adventurer’s Kit, Vengeful Execution axe +1, Cloak of Distortion +1, Chainmail of Cleansing +1, Javelin (2), Khopesh, Potion of Healing (heroic tier) (6), Potion of Resistance (heroic tier) (8), Gravespawn Potion (heroic tier) ====== Copy to Clipboard and Press the Import Button on the Summary Tab ======


Talon Serenity is not his real name.

The dragonborn now known as Talon Serenity used to be called by another name. His clan name, which he gave up when he fled his home in the mountains of __, was Moonscale. But having brought dishonor upon the Moonscale clan, Talon fled and stopped using the clan name.

A festival day that marked the start of the market season had opened bright and sunny. Games and contests and sparring took place. Talon and other members of the Moonscale clan won the majority of the games and the clan was declared the overall victor of the games. Their clan booth was set up in a prestigious location. Dragonborns of many clans came to the market to trade the goods that had been manufactured all winter.

At night, after the market had closed down, many of the tents of clans and families became the sites for eating and drinking. Talon and other young dragonborn roamed the festival grounds, going from party to party, drinking and carousing. Talon and several dragonborn, members of the Moonscale clan and other allied clans, ran into the members of the wealthy and influential Drakerider clan. The two groups almost immediately began throwing good-natured jibes at each other over their respective performances in the games earlier in the day. But the hour was late and both parties had had too much to drink. The good-natured jibes soon turned uglier.

Slashclaw Drakerider, a young dragonborn the same age as Talon and son of the head of the Drakerider clan, had drunkenly insulted the Moonscale clan. “The Moonscales would be considered rich…if empty pockets were riches!” hooted the young Slashclaw. As the insults from the Drakeriders continued, Talon, whose temper was well-known among both parties, leapt up and attacked Slashclaw. For Slashclaw, the attack was not entirely unexpected and the two rolled on the ground, biting and clawing and hitting. Talon’s anger rose as the fight progressed and he swung a two-fisted blow that caught Slashclaw under the chin. The young dragonborn flipped into the air and came down hard, his head striking a rock. Slashclaw never regained consciousness and died later that night.

Rather than facing up to the consequences of his anger, Talon Serenity fled. Dragonborn society would not consider the death of Slashclaw dishonorable because it was an accident. But Talon Serenity would still have to be punished because it was his lack of control that led to Slashclaw’s death. But Talon chose to not face the punishment and fled, rationalizing that his clan would be spared if he left. For his father, Render Moonscale, and the clan, though, Talon’s flight did not absolve the clan of responsibility. Render Moonscale had helped his son flee, giving him the two-handed cursed axe of black isonite that Talon now carries. The Drakerider clan used their influence to cut into the Moonscale’s business and influence using Talon’s father aiding of his son as an excuse.

On the night Talon left, his father gave him a two-handed axe. The serrated and ridged blade of opaque isonite gleamed darkly and wickedly in the moonlight. The handle was a dark dense wood carved with twining spirals and wrapped in worn and aged leather. “This axe has remained locked away since my grandfather’s time. The blade has a mind of its own, filled with anger and vengence. Take it. Maybe by mastering it’s own rage and violence, you can master your own. It’s name is Dark Peace.”

Slashclaw’s father, Scalerender Drakerider, not only attacked Talon’s clan through manipulation and bribes and intimidation, but he also sent out hunting parties after Talon himself. While they have drawn close, Talon has managed to evade them. His capture and enslavement in the Kal-A-Nar empire threw the pursuers off track.

After two years, Talon escaped the Kal-A-Nar empire during an uprising, slaying his owner as e fled. Fleeing capture, Talon fled into the Eternal Desert where he wandered for five years, moving from tribe to tribe. He fell in with a band of dervishes, helping them overcome ancestral enemies and win their freedom. In the final climactic battle, Talon slew the enemy leader and took from his body the Chainmail of Cleansing.

The human dervishes, seeking to help Talon master himself, taught him their path of detachment. One saved one’s anger for those times when it was needed and then let it loose with wild abandon to achieve victory.

Later, Talon wandered to the kingdom of Olara. An adventure there resulted in him receiving the cloak of displacement.

Talon Serenity

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