To thwart tomorrow

Summoning the demon

After rescuing the hostages, the party chose to send only a scouting force deeper into the mine while the rest of the party remained behind to heal wounds and keep the escape route out of the mine secure.

The scouting party, two fighters and a wizard, reached a guarded room in which 4 glowing balls and a portal gave off an eerie light. The scouts quickly moved to attack the guards, but during the combat, a demon emerged from the portal and rushed to attack the party. Dispatching the guards and demon, the party explored the room. They found that it had four glowing blue globes and a portal.

Smashing one of the globes caused a shaking and rumbling that was disquieting given that the party was at the bottom of a mine. Testing the portal indicated that it was safe to enter and Talon stepped through. He found himself in a dark ravine. Off in the distance, he could hear the cries of demons like the one that the scouts had fought. He returned back through the portal.

Deciding to move forward, the scouting party opened doors off of the portal room. Inside they found a chamber in which a summoning ritual taking place. Cultists chanted while a high priest performed the ritual over a pile of bones. Two glowing red globes in the corners of the chamber were guarded by demons. As the characters watched, the ritual was completed, restoring the dead demon over whose bones the ritual was taking place.

After some discussion, it was decided to enter the room, rush the red globes and destroy them, then regroup at the altar at the far end of the chamber.

The scouting party succeeded in smashing the globes, causing a rumble and the sound of crashing stones outside the chamber. The party succeeded in killing the high priest, who was himself a half demon. As he died, the priest cried to the demon, “Father!”

The wizard decimated the cultists with a single blast while the fighters struggled valiantly with the guardian demons as well as the summoned demon. One fighter fell. The second fighter, realizing the cause was lost, told the wizard to flee and get help. The last sight the wizard had of the room was of the second fighter collapsing beneath the attacks of the demons.

The wizard raced for reinforcements.

Inside the Mine

After defeating the guard towers, the adventurers searched the buildings of the mine camp to make sure no other enemies were left. They found some treasure in an administration building and then entered the dark entrance to the mine.

At the end of a dark tunnel, the party found some guards playing dice. The guards commanded a force of zombies. Talon attempted to confront the guards, but the bard Thedo opened fire on them in a surprise attack. Combat ensued and the small guard force quickly fell.

The guards had been protecting the top of an elevator into the mine. Horses were used to provide motive power for the elevator. After unsuccessful efforts to puzzle out the mechanism, the party decided to simply hook up the horses and try. Alec showed sympathy for the plight of the horses, but gently led them into harness anyway.

After trial and error, the party discovered how to lower the elevator. Alec and Talon descended into the mine to see if there was a lever or mechanism at the bottom to allow the elevator to rise again. They found none. After being brought back up, Alec figured out that if they untied the rope from the winch to which the horses were harnessed, they could drop the rope onto the elevator platform and haul themselves up and down. The plan was followed and the party found themselves on the lowest level of the mine, a dimly-lit tunnel leading into the depths of the mine.

Following the tunnel, the party heard the cries of people begging for mercy and the harsh tones of their captors. The party rushed forward into a large room in which slaves were about to be sacrificed by priests. Guards rushed to confront the party, fighting to keep the party trapped in the tunnel while the sacrifices continued.

After furious fighting in which the cleric Armun and the bard Thedo called upon the gods to keep the fighters from grievous injury, the party was able to penetrate the line of guards and take the battle to the priests. The combat was quickly over after that.

The slaves, captured villagers, had been freed. It was time for the party to learn more of where the original owners of the mine might be and who was behind these schemes.

To storm the mine

Our party made their way up the mountain to deliver the package when they met another grey cloak. They saw a platoon of zombies helping to guard a barricade across the road. They fought the barricade and stormed the sturdy gate, beating back its defenders. Continuing up the road they were spotted by a guard tower. They rushed it taking heavy fire from the skilled hobgoblin archers. Once again they proved triumphant and held the guard tower against the rest of the camp that tried to storm them.

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